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Drabble: Sunset Watching

A dash of IK fluff.  Just because.  Takes place early summer, 1557.  When I post this at, it'll be my 200th InuYasha piece posted over there.

Sunset Watching

The view below them was breathtaking as they watched the sun dip below the horizon.  It stained the newly flooded rice patties with flecks of gold and red, transforming the little village into something out of a fairy tale.

InuYasha and Kagome stood there together near the top of the rise.  A faint breeze stirred their hair, red stained silver and bronzed ebony in the sunset light. His arms wrapped lightly around her waist as they stood there watching.

 As the light dimmed, his lips found her neck and planted little kisses.  She leaned back into his touch, rested her arms lightly on his, her long white sleeves overlapping his. He nudged the fabric slightly away from her neckline as he breathed in her scent and continued the assault of his lips.

“Ummm,” Kagome said, tilting her head to the side to give him easier access.

He pulled her closer, and one of his hands moved up to cup the gentle swell of her breast.  One of her hands dropped down to run along the hard muscle of his thigh.

“Beautiful,” he breathed into one of her ears. “I know what I want for dessert,” he said.

She turned in InuYasha’s arms, looking up at him with warm and inviting eyes of blue-grey.  He kissed her lightly, taking one of his hands in hers, threading his fingers through hers.

“Lets go in,” he said.  “What’s for dinner?”

He never quite understood why she started laughing.

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