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So there I am....

It's like 34 out here (evidently the temp has been dropping during the day.  It's kind of a gray sky, and it's been lightly snowing on the mountains near by.  And we're getting the snow equivalent of drizzle...little scattered flakes that nothing is going to come of.

And there I am, raking dirt into a garden bed.  (that's the soil for bed #5.)

And it felt good.

And my back is only a little unhappy with me.

So what happens next?  Hubby went off to get another load of topsoil....

The weather's been the pits the last week, raining off and on, and yucky, and so the building of the garden has gone slower than we hoped for, but we're getting there.   Last frost day is still a month away, so we aren't running late or anything.  All is well.
Tags: garden fever

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