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Drabble: Leaf Fall

Just an IK moment.  Takes place fall, 1557.

Leaf Fall

The autumn leaves were beginning to fall. Maple leaves caught on the current and drifted down the stream.

“It won’t be long until winter,” InuYasha said, sticking his hands in his sleeves, almost able to feel the first cool breezes blowing down from the mountains.  They sat in a warm patch of sunlight, watching the brilliant colors of the leaves.

Kagome, kneeling beside him, twirled a leaf between her fingers, then let the wind take it

“I know,” she said.  “I think we’re ready for it.  Sango’s been helping me learn what to put up and how to do it.”

His arm snaked around her waist. “For me, winters have always been cold and hungry and lonely,” he said, a little sadly.  

“Well, if I guessed wrong, you may be a little hungry, and if you guessed wrong, you may be cutting wood in the snow, but the only way I’ll let you be lonely this winter is if you leave me,” she said, leaning against his shoulder.

He leaned over and gave her a light kiss on the lips. “Koibito,” he whispered into her ear, and snuggled her close.

After a few minutes of watching the river in silence,   he scratched his chin.  “You putting up lots of the crunchy pickle stuff?” he asked.

“Oh, lots,” she said.

“I know it’s gonna be a good winter now,” he said, smiling at her.

She bopped him on the nose with a leaf, “Yeah, I bet it will be.”

Snuggling back into his arms, she and InuYasha watched the water flow by for awhile, content in the autumn sun.

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