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Busy Day

Today's the day of our local National Wild Turkey Federation annual fundraising banquet.  Hubby's on the banquet committee and has to be down at the site most of the day setting up.  I'm going along to take pictures.  Banquet's tonight, where I will again be taking pics.  I have 3 cameras, which I am thinking of Papa Bear (hubby's with the bigger telephoto lens), my Nikon P80, not so big, with built in lenses, and my little Nikon coolpix, which is about the size of a can of Altoids, but not as thick.  That camera goes with me everywhere everywhere, anyway, just in case.

They are having live music by the current Grand Master fiddle champion and her group.  That's gonna be cool.

But I'm also dragging my laptop with me.  My monster (for me) oneshot is just under 5000 words.  I may get a chance to get it finished, or at least work on it..

And, of course, I'm taking some knitting.

Wish me luck!  Maybe I'll win a rifle.
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