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Drabble: Shh

Late night IK fluff.  Takes place sometime in 1558


Sometime during the night, Kagome rolled over, just awake enough to catch the glimmer of InuYasha’s eyes looking at her.

“Hi,” she said.

He rubbed the back of his knuckles gently across her cheek.  “Hi,” he replied.

“What ya doing?” she asked.

“Watching you,” he replied, bending closer.

Their lips met, softly at first, in the midnight, a slide of warm satin over satin, but quickly built up an unexpected hunger.  Her lips opened first, her tongue brushing along the softness of his mouth, eager for his taste. Together, the tips of their tongues danced a sensuous ballet as his hand found the back of her head, drawing her closer.

She wrapped one arm under his, sliding her hand across the planes of his back, feeling the smooth texture of his skin, the strength of the muscle under it.  The other hand  threaded through his silken hair, reaching for and finding the base of his triangular ear, and ran a delicate touch across the soft fur there. She could feel him shudder as he touched. One of his hands moved slowly across the warmth of her skin and   cupped the soft heaviness of a breast.  The other ran a fine line down her thigh.  She moaned softly with his touch.

"Shh," he whispered.  "You'll wake the baby."

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