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So there I had this idea.  Bandits grab Kagome, InuYasha deals with the bandits before they get very far, helps Kagome destress, something limey at  the end.  Sounds good.  800 -1200 words maybe.

Then the Muses decide they want to make an epic out of it (shakes fist at Pink, who's evidently back in the Cecil B. deMille mode).  Instead of the simple Inu/Kagome stuff, I've already got InuYasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku,  Kaede and 8 OCs (of varying importance.  One's a dead body most of the story).  Curse you, Pink!  Who slipped you the beer?  Must have been some good stuff, a really fine artisian  beer.

This story has been pestering me for days.  It won't quit growing.

I need a fluff break.

But my sore throat has backed off.  Some things are for the better!
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