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This poem is based on the Hitomiko arc in Manga vols. 51-52, so spoiler alert if you haven't read them.

Disclaimer:  I do not own InuYasha or any of its characters


the gnawing frustration eating at you heart
As Kagome walked the dark corridors,
you reach out but find walls.
Barriers  block your way,
cast by youkai or miko,
jyaki or  ki,
other barriers in your heart
words unsaid,
deeds undone,

And when she had done the deed
heroicly holding out for the good,
and the walls came tumbling down
because of her deed, not yours,
Relief touched your heart,
and fear
for what had transpired.

Her eyes burned,
looking into your eyes
coming to grips with a reality shift
you had not shared,
and fear stayed behind and whispered
As  this amazingly strong,
gentle and delicate woman-child
who drives you to distraction,
whose very scent brings you peace
accepted your comfort
but walled you off,
pondering a mystery.

Fear is the herald of change.
Be at peace, InuYasha,
and watch her as she grows.
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