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Knitting Project notes update 2

Bet ya thought I'd butterfly off of this.  Nope.  But I did put it aside for a little while because of my hands hurting from the gardening.  But I've finished the cuff and now start on the hand.  Below the cut, it's a pic of my mitt so far, and the notes I've made.

Pattern so far:

Gauge: 6-7 spi on 00 needles, 10 rows = 1 inch

cast on 68.  17 stitches on Needle 1, 34 stitches needle 2,  17 stitches on needle 3


row 1, k across. row 2, p across. repeat rows 1 and 2. row 5-11 k across. row 14: k across needle 1 until 3 stitches remain, psso, k1. needle 2: k1, k2tog, k across until the last 3 stitches on needle, psso, k1. Needle 3 k1, k2tog, knit across.

k across for one inch.

Repeat row 14 (60 stitches remain)

K around for 1 more inch.  Repeat row 14 (56 stitches remain)

K around for 2 inches.  Cuff should measure 5 inches.

Intentions:   Next row:  needle 1, k across until 2 stitches from end of needle, increase 1, knit.  Needle 2: k1, increase in stitch 2, k across to 2 stiches from end of needle, increase 1, k1.  Needle three, k1, increase in second stitch , k to end of needle. (64 stitches)

Next 2 rounds, knit across

After this, I will need to measure my hubby's hand to see if I need more increases, otherwise, on to starting the base of the thumb.
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