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Drabble: Afterwards

Late, late night IK fluff (in fact, I went to sleep for awhile and woke up to finish this drabble).  Takes place about the middle of May, 1557, about 6 weeks or so after Kagome's return to the past. 


Kagome’s blue-gray eyes glittered from the excitement and adrenaline rush, her bow still raised

InuYasha held Tessaiga over his shoulder, looking at her appreciatively.  “Feels like old times,” he said, as he looked at the three dead youkai carcasses on the ground in front of them, bleeding into the ground.

“Yeah,” she replied, lowering her bow.

Grinning, he let Tessaiga transform back into its ratty, worn-out katana form and sheathed the blade. “I do believe you shoot better than I remember,” he said.

“You think so?” she said, grinning back.  “At least now I don’t have to look for any shards in what’s left over.”

He walked up to her and wrapped an arm around her.  “Nothing quite like youkai guts, eh?”  His amber eyes looked at her playfully.  He reached up, and wiped a spot off her cheek.  “Of course sometimes the guts find you without trying.”

He looked into her eyes, a playful half-smirk on his lips, a look that slowly smoldered  into something more than just the afterglow of the excitement of the battle.  With a sigh, he pulled away, stepping beside slipping his arm around her waist.  “We better get out of here before something else nasty comes by.”  His fingers brushed against her side, drawing lazy patterns.  “There’s a hot spring not too far from here, if I remember,” he said in a voice that was too husky to be as casual as his words sounded. “ Wanna go get cleaned up?”

Kagome laughed a little and smiled as she nodded. As he bent down to carry her out of the clearing on his back, she nuzzled one of his ears with her nose.  He shivered slightly and his fingers gently caressed the back of her thighs. 

“That’s one difference than old times,” she said.  “You never tried to get me to go off with you alone to a hot spring after a battle back in those days.”

“Didn’t mean I didn’t want to,” he said.

Her lips kissed the back of his neck. “Didn’t mean I didn’t want you to, either,” she replied.  “You’d probably be surprised what I used to dream about you doing.”

For a moment, he almost stumbled.  “Woman, you keep that up, and we might not make it to the spring.”

She wrapped her arms around him tightly in a hug. “Get us there in one piece and I might even tell you about some of them,” she said sultrily.

With a moan, InuYasha leaped.  Kagome’s bright laughter rang through the woods as he hurried on.

A/N  -- Idea for this based on a discussion I had with kriscynical .  A whole lot of the concept comes straight from her creative idea, and I just put it into  words my way. Thanks!

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