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Dirt, dirt, dirt...

So we built the first two raised bed boxes.  Today we have the fun of trying to move a trailer that hadn't been moved for 2 years out of the back yard.  It's tongue was pointing the wrong way and it had sunk a bit into the dirt.  Eventually made hubby go buy a tow strap and we pulled it out of the hole and then shoved it into the front yard where he could hook it to his pickup.

Then a friend came over and they went and bought some topsoil to fill it up with.  Guys shovelled, I raked. 

Pretty soon it's gonna be filled with stuff to grow.  Yay.  Of course, I want 6 -8 of these buggers.  Lots of shovelling.  One of them's going to be a flax patch.  Thinking about growing some dye plants, but I'm going to have to choose carefully...a bunch of dye plants, like woad, are now noxious weeds in lots of places.

Oh, spring fever, you have me so bad....
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