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Drabble: Everything That Really Matters

Late Night IK Fluff.  Part of the Outside Influences arc.  Kagome is feeling homesick for the village after moving away to the mountains.  Takes place Autumn 1561.

Everything That Really Matters

They were all alone, standing in a sunny meadow he had discovered on the mountain.  There was a path on it that led down past the secluded valley they lived in, and down to the shrine at the base of the mountain, and the village not far from it, which led to the rest of the world outside of their sanctuary.

But here, now, it was easy to believe there wasn't a world outside of the two of them.

InuYasha's ear twitched at a distant bird calling, but his focus was on the woman in front of him.  Kagome's eyes, stormy-blue gray, sad, even though the day was glorious, looked up at his amber ones, searching.  A small, delicate hand rested gently on his chest.

"You know, Koibito, we really don't have to stay here," he said.  "It might be tough, but I know we could go back to the village."

She shook her head.  "No, no.  We've discussed this.  Atae needs a safe place to grow up.  And I don't want anything happening to you."  She leaned her head against his chest.  "Sometimes, though, I miss them and the life we had there."

He ran his head lightly over her dark hair.  "You're always giving things up for me, Kagome.  Your family, your world, the village.  How do I make it up to you?"

"Just love me," she said. 

He tilted her head up.  His hand gently cupped her cheek, his thumb lightly brushing across her lips.  "Always," he replied. 

Pulling her closer, he brushed his lips across hers.  Suddenly, she threw her arms around his neck, and returned his kiss with an intensity that surprised him.

"What was that for?" he murmured to her as she pulled away.

"To remind you of why I stay," she replied.  “You, our family are everything that really matters”

Kagome ran her fingers through his hair and found the base of his ear.  Rubbing it gently, she reached up and kissed him again, not as intensely, but long and languidly.   He felt himself melting into the fire of her want, as his hand found the back of her head, prolonging and deepening the sweet contact.

"Woman, if you don't stop, I won't be able to," he said at last.

"Good," she replied.

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