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Drabble: Storm Watch

IK Squish Week continues.  Day three.

Storm Watch

It was a warm July evening.  InuYasha, dressed in a dark blue summer kosode instead of his usual fire rat, stood out in front of his house, watching the sky.    His ear twitched as the doormat rattled.

“Atae asleep?” InuYasha said, as she stepped out on the porch.  It was a cloudy night, with little in the way of a breeze. Off towards the south, the clouds flashed with distant lightning.

“Yeah,” she replied.

The air was hot and muggy.  Kagome had tied up her hair into a soft bun, exposing her neck.  Little tendrils of black hair trailed against the pale skin of her neck, inviting a touch.  He moved behind her, ran his hand down the pale cream linen covering her arm then slid it around her waist.

“Think it’s going to rain?” she asked, watching the lightning flash.

“I think so.  The lightning’s been getting a little closer,” he replied.  He leaned forward a little and snugged her a little closer and grazed the back of her neck with his lips. 

She shivered a little at the touch, and leaned into his embrace.  Thunder rumbled in the distance.

“Getting closer,” he murmured.  His mouth traced the length of her neck.  His other hand slid across her waist and then traced the outline of her breast, his thumb brushing across her nipple.

“Umhum,” she murmured, resting one hand on his arm, the other sliding to his thigh, where she ran her fingers along the lean hard muscle of his leg.  A cool breeze began to blow  as the sky flashed with lightning, closer than before.

They stood there and listened to the thunder that rumbled.  Kagome turned in InuYasha’s arms, looked at his eyes, heavy lidded and dark bronze.  She brushed a fingertip across his mouth, slowly circling.  He took the graceful tip  between his lips, sucking lightly for a moment, then took her hand  in his.  She tiptoed up, and brushed her lips against his.

“Storm’s almost here,” he said, nuzzling her ear.  “Wanna go inside?”

“Yeah,” she replied.  “Think the storm will wake Atae?”

He lifted her up bridal style.  “Not if we’re quiet,” he said, then took her in the house.

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