knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Poem: Teasing Spring

What?  I wrote a poem that's not a romantic vignette?  Yep.

Teasing Spring

Spring, you sly season,
how you tease me today –
there’s still snow on the mountain,
to warn me away,
but the air is so warm,
and there’s buds on the trees,
And the birds are out singing–
you so love to tease.

Spring, you sly season,
the daffodils are in bloom,
and the clouds are all puffy,
not dark Winter’s gloom,
and I long to be walking
feel the warmth of the breeze –
Dare I believe it?
You so love to tease.

Spring, you sly season,
I see new leaves on the rose,
it’s too warm for my scarf
and something tickles my nose.
And I want to get busy,
getting down on my knees,
planting flowers for summer –
You so love to tease.

Spring, you sly season,
dark Winter’s bright child,
your smile, it is merry
and your soft touch is mild.
You so love to play me,
but Spring, if you please,
be certain you’re staying.
You so love to tease!
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