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Poem: Moon Watching

IK muses have declared this squish/fluff week.  Be warned

Moon Watching

They stood there, together,
watching the moon rise, almost full
one warm autumn night.
And as they watched the moon climb up
well above the horizon,
the moonlight,
its brightness softened in the haze covered sky
lit the night where they stood,
mixing shadow with silver.

Beneath them, below the hill crest where they stood,
pale lights lit a few houses
where they had not yet banked their fires
or snuffed out their lamps,
few other markers to tell from where they stood
that there was a village below
or any one else, on this moon-touched night
except them alone.

Silver hair glimmered,
where it was touched by the light,
lifted by a soft breeze.
She reached up a hand,
brushed a stray lock out of his face,
ran her knuckles across his cheek.

Smiling down at her,
he wrapped her in his arms,
letting the long fabric of his sleeves
shroud her against the night air,
drawing her closer to him
as the moonlight touched her eyes.

“Beautiful,” he murmured.
running a hand through her midnight black hair,
until he cupped her head gently,
brushing her cheek with his thumb.

“The night?” she asked,
losing herself in his eyes,
wanting and dark in the midnight.

“No, you,” he replied.

His lips,
brushing softly and lingering
across the satin of her mouth
helped her forget
all about the light in the sky.
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