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Knitting Project notes update

Still feeling under the weather, but luckily knitting is one of those things you can usually do when you feel sick.

so here is how the pattern is going for hubby's mitts:

Gauge: 6-7 spi on 00 needles, 10 rows = 1 inch

cast on 68. row 1, k across. row 2, p across. repeat rows 1 and 2. row 5-11 k across. row 14: k across needle 1 until 3 stitches remain, psso, k1. needle 2: k1, k2tog, k across until the last 3 stitches on needle, psso, k1. Needle 3 k1, k2tog, knit across.

k across for one inch.

Repeat row 14 (60 stitches remain)

K around for 1 more inch.  Repeat row 14 (56 stitches remain)

Intentions:  I've decided the cuff, since I made it into a nice gauntlet to fit over the  cuff of his winter shirt's sleeve, should be another inch longer before I do the base of the mitt.    So I will knit 2 more inches, then begin shaping the base of the hand (mainly I'll be increasing those 4 stitches I just took off, and perhaps add 2 or 4 more, and then I will begin shaping the base of the thumb as well.  I'll probably take another photo of the work when I reach the base of the hand, and maybe one or two while I'm doing the thumb.  The thumb won't be closed off like it is in a mitten, but remain open, which probably means I'll do the last 4 rows in garter stitch so it won't roll.   But I'll probably finish the thumb last, after I get the palm of the mitt done.

My head's starting to ache again.  I don't know how much of this I'll actually do tonight.

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