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Fiber, fiber, everywhere...

Well, I've spun 3 spools of double ply brown wool up,  maybe enough for the project for my hubby, and if not, I'm working on the next spool.  It's natural brown wool, and I have plenty of it, so I can make more if I underestimated.  It's a 2 ply yarn, cause that was more period correct from my research, about fingering weight. 

So he wants period correct woolen wristers (the type that are like mittens without the mitten top, but have a partial thumb).

I've started by casting on 68 stitches.  I'm going to do about an inch or an inch and a half of garter stitch.  1780s they weren't doing much with rib stitch yet,  and since these aren't fancy women's wristers,  your choice for the bottom seems to be garter stitch or just start knitting away and have a rolled cuff...I think the garter stitch will be better.

Haven't done a project like this for awhile, but hubby's all jacked that I am doing it so that's a good thing.  Now if I can not knit my hands into screaming....

Looks like I'll be out of the house most of the day.  Luckily, knitting is portable....
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