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Too good to last....

One day I slept 5 1/2 hours.  Next day 4.  At least it wasn't 2.  Too many days of 2 hour sleep, and I get scared to drive.

I see myself segue into my mom's sleep habits.  Short night sleep and a napper. 

Well, besides the poem I wrote and some preliminary work on my next chappie, I spent the day reading the first 33 chapters of the Lucky Ones.  Some reason or other, once I get much further in it than that,  in my mind InuYasha morphs into Robin Williams.  I like the story (except for the hanyou infertility issues), but  losing InuYasha to have him replaced by Robin Williams in my mind's movie drives me crazy.  So when I reread it, I look a lot at KrisCynical's illustrations for it, especially:

(and occasionally peak at the other illustrations at:

But now I have had my day of indulgence.

It's Friday.  Maybe now we can start anticipating the next chapter of the manga.  Maybe I can write this parody "Big Swords" set to the tune of "Bad Boys,"  but I have trouble with that song. My parody/satire muse may have to choose a different piece of music to work with.
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