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Oneshot: Just Another New Moon Evening

Just Another New Moon Evening

It was getting late in the day.  Already, the light from the fire pit was lighting the room more than the light filtering through the windows.    Kagome took the kettle off the fire as she began to pour the steaming hot water into her teapot.

Suddenly, she felt a pulse as the sun dipped finally behind the horizon.  Not looking up, she poured the hot liquid into a cup.

Her son called out.  It was a sound halfway between a growl and speech, a sound he made when he was surprised. 

She looked up, picked up the teacup and walked across the room.  “I thought you might like some tea,” she said to her husband.

InuYasha leaned up against the wall of the house.  His eyes were hidden by long black bangs as he stared down at the small boy in his lap.  The boy grabbed a lock of the black hair spilling over his father’s shoulder, and looked at it carefully, sniffed it, and pulled at it.

The baby stuck his fist in his mouth and frowned.

“Yeah, little guy, it’s Daddy,” he replied, then rescued his hair from his son’s hand.  “I didn’t go anywhere.  It’s just the new moon.”  He looked up at Kagome, his violet eyes reflecting the firelight. “Thanks,” he said, taking the teacup from his wife’s hands. 

Kagome took Atae from her husband’s lap and sat down next to him.  The boy tilted his head and studied his father’s face.  He looked at Kagome and  back at InuYasha and clung tightly to his mother’s kosode.

“It’s okay, baby. Yes that’s Daddy,” she replied.  She looked up at InuYasha.  “I think this is the first time he’s actually noticed your change on the new moon.”

“Keh,” InuYasha  replied, then sipped at his tea.  “He sure noticed the last time he changed.  I thought he was going to fuss all night long.”

“He did fuss all night.  You just fell asleep after you handed him back to me,” she replied.

InuYasha sighed, and lifted a clawless finger up to brush against the tip of his son’s puppy ear.  Atae growled softly, then whimpered.  “At least I was able to let you get some sleep.”

“Yeah, some.  I appreciated that, too,” Kagome replied.  Balancing Atae on one hip, she leaned forward and smoothed back InuYasha’s bangs, kissing him lightly on the forehead.  “At least I know where he gets that fussiness from.”

“Eh?” InuYasha said.

Kagome sat back, and tousled the baby’s silver hair. “Oh, Daddy’s still kind of fussy on his human night, isn’t he, Atae?”

“Oi, woman!” InuYasha said, shoving his hands in his sleeves.

“But we love him anyway, don’t we?” she continued, smiling at her son, who sensing his mother’s playful mood, gurgled back.  Looking up at her husband, she saw his frown ease back into a small smile.  “And we wouldn’t want him to be any other way.”

Kagome leaned forward once more, kissed her husband on the cheek, and handed him his son.  Content that all was normal in her world, she went back to fixing their supper.

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