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Poem: A Winter Soujourn

(these are my haiku as one long doc.   It reads interestingly as seen as a journey across the season of snow.   I also have some pics I want to add.  Maybe I'll make a little chapbook of it)

A Winter Sojourn

A snowflake drifts down
pushed by the cold hand of wind,
falling, disappears.

Ah, the winter sun
teases me today with light --
the wind, it chuckles.

A pond edge frosted
with a broken ridge of ice –
tracks there lead away.

It crunches, the snow,
beneath each step of my boots –
I ponder my path.

Robin, all fluffed up
against morning’s early chill –
you look like a quail!

Look past the shore ice –
if there is open water,
ducks will go swimming.

I track your dancing,
Yuki-Onna, by the wind --
snow tresses swirling.

Deer tracks in the snow –
a larger footprint follows,
broad-pawed, and with claws.

The moon glows through cloud,
peaking over the mountains,
smiling through her veil.

Tall, brown, it stands bare,
branchless – while the other ones
wear their white-trimmed green.

We look eye to eye –
the duck, huddled by his pond
chooses not to move.

Sunshine on the snow,
So white I look for shadow –
O!  So much brightness!

Dog runs in the snow
delighted at the whiteness –
I think of cold feet.

I see the geese fly
and listen to them singing -
they don’t sing on land.

Rabbit brush in snow,
seed heads weighted down by white,
hiding rabbit’s tracks.

Wood duck  swims away --
his crested head tells nothing
as he nears the ice.

I make  a snowball,
think  of his laughing voice,
then watch it melt away.

Three guardians there,
watching over frozen stream --
stones, with caps of snow

You beckon me, Spring,
melting the ice beneath me
too soon - snow clouds rise.

Little tracks in snow
speeding through winter sagebrush –
then, coyote prints.

Each pearl-like droplet
falling down as the snow melts –
Is winter fading?

See - ripple patterns
in the lake ice thinning out–
where sun shines, water.

The snapdragons green
with every warming spell,
defying the snow.

Caught in the shadows
a last patch of snow lingers –
clouds whisper of more.

They told me of snow,
but as the gray clouds rolled in,
rain fell on my head.

Two by two they fly,
the wild geese leaving their vees –
winter’s end, courting.

Today the sun shone -
My rose garden called to me.
Time to prune them back.

The wind is biting
But the sun speaks of springtime.
The winter has lost.

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