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Ah, the joy of pruning roses....

I don't think they make gloves stout enough to prevent all thorns sneaking through the leather...But I only got stuck maybe 3 times.

I'm in a weird mood.  Total writer's "don't want to" block.

Don't even want to read squish.

You know it's a strange day.

All I want to do is read economic and social histories.  I'm working through 2 of them right now:  As Various as Their Land: The Everyday Lives of 18th Century Americans by Stephanie Wolf, and The Best Poor Man's Country: A Geographical Study of Early Southeastern Pennsylvania by James T. Lemon.  Before that it was Japan Before Tokugawa. 

This is the type of thing I read in my spare time.   Kinda weird for a person who writes squish, but there you have it.

Maybe I'll squeeze out a drabble.  Maybe not.

Tomorrow's my hubby's birthday.  Don't know what we're going to do yet.

But I might be hard to see outside of stuff for the FA awards if the history and garden bugs really sweep  me off of my feet.  Or I may wake up tomorrow and today might have been a fluke.  It's really hard to know yet.

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