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Poem: Morning After the New Moon

IK fluff from Kagome's pov. 

Morning After the New Moon

Dawn finds you sitting guard,
the morning breeze playing with your hair,
your eyes focused somewhere I cannot see.
I watch you, beloved,
as you face the morning,
see the golden light
streak across the horizon,
touch the blackness of your locks
with silver,
feel the pulse of your youki
watch your ears return once more
into their white triangular form,
twitching with the morning sounds.

Finally, your senses restored
you notice me,
turn and smile.
“Gonna sleep all day?” you ask,
when I know you didn’t sleep all night.

Standing up,
I wrap my arms around you,
kiss the tips of both ears,
and breathing into them, whisper,
“Only if you come with me.”

You wrap your arms around me -
I expect breakfast will be late.

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