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Drabble: Mother's Blessing

What?  I have the audacity to give Sesshmom a name?   Sesshoumaru and his mother discuss something, ca. 1561 in my story arc.

Mother’s Blessing

Inu no Kagaya , Radiant One of the Inu,  looked into the eyes and face that were so much like her own, yet so much like his father’s.  She looked into his golden eyes, on the handsome, but somber face he presented to the world.  A slight breeze generated by his youki stirred his bangs. His face was set, as usual; he steeled himself from revealing his inner self well, something his facial stripes intensified.  But she could see, in his eyes, a certain change, a warming that she had never seen before.

She shifted in her seat, and her thoughts shifted back to days long ago, memories she quickly stifled.  “So, Sesshoumaru my son, you have chosen.”

“Yes,” he replied.   His voice was soft, neutral, but iron.

She could see him stiffen, ever so slightly, a tightening of the shoulders, a small adjustment to his stance, a tiny flexing of his hand.  The small Inu youkai woman smiled, just the smallest of smiles.  She could smell the ningen on him, how her scent wrapped around him like a favored perfume.  Kagaya never forgot how he looked when she revived that small little body, and even then, she knew, even if her son did not.  He was more like his father than he knew or would ever admit to himself, but she could see it.

She stood, her easy movements graceful and beautiful.  The sunlight glinted off her silver hair and the heavy necklace around her neck.

“You will swear to me, Son,” she said standing in front of him.  She was shorter than he, looking up at his eyes, but the power around her was undeniable.

“Swear what?” he asked.  He returned her look, eye to eye, unshakeable.

“You will not make your father’s mistake.  You will not take another, leave her to sit at home wondering and waiting.  You will make no second pairing for power or prestige or comfort.”  She took one of his hands, rested it on the heavy necklace around her neck.  “Swear to me.  If you can swear that, you will have my blessing.”

He looked at his hand clasped in her smaller, then looked up into his mother’s eyes, and for a moment, she revealed to him all the pain and sorrow and rage and loneliness her life had been tinged with, hidden there under a mask of power and irony and reserve.  For a moment, he felt rage at what life had done to her, what she had been willing to accept, and then, amazement at what his mother was telling him.

“I swear,” he said.

The jewel around her neck glowed once.  The light from the jewel tickled his fingers, played with his youki.  She let his hand drop.  Her mask snapped back in place.

“I will know if you break your oath,” she said.  “But you have my blessing.”  She smiled at him, amused at the uncertainty in his eyes.  “You will, of course, bring my grandchildren to visit.”

And with that, she sat back down, remembering other golden eyes.

A/N In the Holy Kojiki, there is a name of a minor deity named Kagaya-Hime, Radiant Princess.  I lifted the name for Sesshoumaru’s mother....

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