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Poem: At Cherry Blossom Time

An IK  moment.   I'm starting to get closer to fluff...

At Cherry Blossom Time

When the cherry blossoms fell,
she would take him away for a day,
just the two of them,
and watch the blossoms drift in the breeze,
pink and white
and slowly, slowly, come to ground.

When the cherry blossoms fell,
she would remember
that day of magic,
how against all odds,
against all reason,
she found herself staring up into his amber eyes,
feeling his hand, large, strong, able,
wrapping around hers,
lifting her up from  the dark gray,
and into the sunlight.

he would gaze at her,
watching as the blossoms would sometimes
drop into her long black hair
shining in the sunlight,
and remember how his heart beat
as the gray fog of three years rolled away,
pierced by her scent,
the light of her blue-gray eyes,
the sweet feel of her,
solid and real,
wrapped in his arms.

Caught up in the magic of the moment,
their lips would meet,
replay the magic of their first kiss,
relearn the magic of their first, fumbling touches,
and in sunlight and cherry blossoms,
relight the magic of their love.
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