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After the Storm

IK....a sequel to my story Stormy Weather.  Takes place in 1557.

After the Storm

The day after the storm had been a busy one in the village with many unpleasant surprises.  Kagome had spent the afternoon trying to salvage her garden after a small tree nearby had fallen over it.  At the end of the day, as she fixed dinner, though, she felt as if she and InuYasha had gotten off fairly easy.

“Sango tells me they are going to have to re-thatch their house,” Kagome said, as she lifted the lid on her kettle and stirred the pot of stew.

“Yeah,” InuYasha said.  He sat, not near the fire pit, but against the wall of the hut, staring out into the darkness in his corner of the room.  He twirled a small stick of wood in his fingers.

“And Kaede tells me that Matsuo’s family lost one of their storage buildings,” she continued, putting the lid back down.

“Keh,” he said, wrinkling his nose.  “The whole place smelled like miso.”

She put the ladle she had stirred the stew with in its rest and turned to face him.  “I also heard that Hachiro’s house collapsed, and he and his family will have to move back into his father’s house until they can rebuild.  Haname was quite upset at the news, from what Sango tells me.”

“Stupid trees,” InuYasha muttered.

Kagome adjusted the soup pot so it would cook slower, then went and sat down to where InuYasha sat, tossing his stick.

She drew her knees up, rested her head on them, then tilted her face to look at him. “I’m sorry your favorite tree fell over in the storm,” she said.

“Keh, it was just a stupid tree,” InuYasha said, throwing the branch up the air and catching it.  “They were already starting to cut it up to get it out of the way.”

“I remember the first time I saw you sitting in it,” Kagome said.  “I was kind of amazed how easy you sat in it.”  She straightened up and leaned her head against his shoulder.

He put the stick down.  “I was really rotten to you,” he said, turning his head away, but wrapping an arm around her.

“You were still angry about Naraku did to you and Kikyou, and waking up to find what had happened.  You hadn’t had any time to deal with any of it,” she said.

He sighed.  “That’s true.”  He turned back to face her.  “Thank you for putting up with me,” he said, snugging her head  under his chin.

“It was worth it,” she replied.  She rested her hand on his chest, and played with the string of his suikan.

“But I’m going to miss that tree.  You could see so much from it,” he said.

“Well,” Kagome said, wiggling free enough to look him in the eyes. “You could always ask the headman if you could sit up in the watchtower.  It’s even taller than the tree, and you can see even more from it, I bet.”

“Feh.  I’d rather sit next to you,” he replied, and taking her chin, gently in his hand, he kissed her gently on the lips.  Pulling back, he sniffed the air.  “Is the soup ready yet?”

“The stew!” she said, and bolted up and ran back to fire pit.  Lifting the lid, she stirred it with the ladle.  “Hmm.  I hope you like it well done,” she commented as she lifted the pot off the heat.

InuYasha stood up, walked across the room, and took his place by the fire.  “Everything you do is done well,” he said, smiling at her.

She reached over, and kissed him on the cheek, then dipped up his bowlful.  Although he didn’t say anything, after he tasted it, he ruefully thought maybe he spoke too soon.

A/N - Kudos go  to KrisCynical who gave me the idea for this story.. 

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