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Poem: The Return

Some morning fluff....

The Return

Her taste,
salt and sweet and home,
scented with all that he had come to associate
with love and hope and peace
overwhelmed him
as his lips brushed over her forehead,
her cheeks,
her lips,
a happy welcome
after days apart.

Her touch,
the press of her small, delicate frame
fitting within the circles of his arms
snugged firm against his chest,
fitting into the curve of his hands
running gently over her back,
inviting him
to his one true sanctuary.

Her smile,
bright as the morning sun
after a stormy night
told him all he needed to know
of what was worth holding fast.

With a quick kiss to his chin,
she turned,
and handed him his son,
and began to fix his breakfast.

Sighing, he sat down,
happy with life’s miracles,
grateful to be home.
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