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Oneshot: Bath Time

Midnight IK Fluff!  Amazing.

Bath Time

The room was warm and damp, and only dimly lit by the single lamp.  The lamp threw its light across the small room, piercing the deep shadows, but not driving them away.   It lit up the small stool, the kosode hanging near the door, a small amount of water on the floor, and the bathtub now in use.  A faint amount of steam lingered just over the water, hard to see. Kagome stretched her legs out in its warmth.

The door slid open, and her husband stepped into the room, hanging his kosode next to hers as he dipped out some water from the tub and went to sit on the washing stool.  His long hair brushed the floor as he sat there.

“Baby’s asleep,” InuYasha said.  “Do you mind?”

“Of course not,” she replied.

She watched him pour the warm water over his silver hair, watched how the lamplight reflected on the water dripping over his muscled chest and shoulders, down to the strongly muscled legs.  She didn’t speak of it often, but she loved looking at his body, and when the time was right, running her hands over him, amazed at the beauty in his form.  She silently watched him scrub down and rinse off, then scooted to one end of the tub, drawing her knees up, so he could lower himself into the other.

He stepped gingerly into the water, graceful, but not totally comfortable with its temperature.  Like her, he sat in the water, legs drawn up.

“Too hot?” she asked.

“Not really,” he said, closing his eyes as he let the water work its magic on him.  He sighed softly.

Hesitantly, but with a small smile on her lips, Kagome flexed one leg and gently brushed her foot  against the inside of his ankle.  He opened one eye and looked at the smile on her face.  “Wanna come over here?” he asked.

She nodded, and then moved to where she was sitting on his lap, his hands running gently on her curves.  He nuzzled her neck with his cheek.  “You feel good,” he said.

“Umm,” she replied.  “So do you.”

“Your shape’s changed since you had Atae,” he noticed.  “I like it.”  His hands cupped her breasts, then slid down across her stomach to her thighs. “I thought you were beautiful before, but now you’re even better.”

“You really think so?” she asked, turning to look into his eyes.

They glowed in the lamplight.  He moved forward, his lips brushing across her ear.  “Absolutely.”

Kagome shivered.

“Want me to show you how much?” he asked.

“Umm, I’d like that.  Maybe we should take this to the bed,” she replied.

“Good idea,” he replied.  Holding her around the waist, he lifted them both up.  “Want me to dry you off?”

“Only if you’re a good boy,” she replied, stepping out of the tub.

A smirk touched his lips.  “I promise I’ll be very good,” he replied.

“I bet,” she said, and handing him a towel.
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