knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Poem: The Snow Woman

A little IK poem...suitable for the season

The Snow Woman

He watches the snow fall,
flake by flake
dancing across his path,
landing in his hair,
shining white for a moment
as they land on his red sleeves,
and hears the wind,
like the laughter of a ghost
trying to keep him from home and hearth,
the woman who awaits him,
the child in her arms.

“Not tonight, Snow Woman,”
he whispers to the sky --
“There’s someone I want more than you,”
as he bounds down the path
through the whitening forest
to the small house
that holds his heart.

And as he walks through the door,
and shakes off Yuki Onna’s white coat,
the one he wants more
looks up, relief in her eyes,
and wraps her warm arms around him,
strips him of his wet things,
and feeds him hot soup.

the voice of the wind sighs
like a would-be lover rejected.

A/N: Yuki Onna, or Snow Woman is a youkai associated with winter and snowstorms.  Beautiful and serene, she can be ruthless in her killing of unsuspecting mortals.  She often reveals herself to travelers who get caught in snow storms and uses her breath to leave them as frost-coated corpses.
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