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Drabble: A Visit to Toutousai

IK Fluff.  Takes place about 5 years after Kagome's return, more or less.

A Visit to Toutousai

The look on his face was such a mix of self-pity and irritation that Kagome had to restrain herself from not giggling at him.  It had been a long time since she had seen that particularly pouty face.

“Damn Toutousai,” the hanyou  muttered.  “At least he could wash his tongs first.  Leaves a nasty taste.”

The couple sat on the hillside above the youkai  smith’s furnace, well out of the range of the fumes there that were deadly to humans.  It was hard to see any activity; swirls of smoke covered the youkai’s forge below.

“Atae might not appreciate what you’re doing now,” Kagome said.  “But you heard what both Kaede and Sesshoumaru said.  Our son’s youki is too strong for his human side, just like yours was.  Better to do it now and be ready, than wait for something bad to happen.”  She gave his hand a small squeeze.

InuYasha sighed, and then nodded.  His face darkened as he remembered something, and his right ear began to twitch.

Kagome reached up a white clad arm, caught his ear, and rubbed it gently between her fingers. Between her touch and the sure knowledge that Toutousai taking his tooth was something that absolutely needed to be done, he let some of the tension ease out of his body.  Kagome watched, though, as he ran his tongue over the empty place in his jaw.

“You know your tooth will be back by tomorrow.  In fact, I bet you’ll be able to feel it growing back by tonight, “ she said, leaning against him.

“Keh,” he said, draping an arm around her.  “Itches when it grows back.  Hate that more than him pulling it.”

“How long did Toutousai say it would take?” she asked.

“He wasn’t sure.  Said at least a week, but he hadn’t made a sword like this since he made Tessaiga.”  He stood up, shaking his head.  “Damn it, it’s already starting to itch.  He’ll bring it to us when it’s ready.”

InuYasha held out a hand, which Kagome accepted as she stood up.  Moving closer to him, she lifted her chin and looked him in the eyes.  “Since we don’t have to stay here and wait, maybe I can do something to help take your mind off that itch,” she said.

“Oh?” he replied, a small smirky smile touching his lips.

“There’s that great hot spring not far from here,” she said, running her hand along his chest.  “I hear mineral waters are really good for people with itches.”

His arms circled around her waist.  “Think the water’ll be enough?” he asked. His breath teased her ear.

“I don’t know.  I might have to use some special miko techniques,” she replied, pressing herself against him.

“Might be a really stubborn itch,” he replied.

“Oh, I have no doubt,” she said, tiptoeing up and kissing his nose.  “So what are we waiting for?”

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