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Ganked from Selinamac

Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Dark brown, sometimes red
Ethnicity: Scots, English, German, French and who knows what.  Mutt
Hometown: Currently, in Idaho.  By birth, in wear I grew up, New Orleans
Fave high school memory: hmmm....running away from home one Mardi Gras for the heck of it, maybe....
Worst high school memory: Been too long ago...
Fave college memory: Seeing my GRE scores for the first time (770 out of 800 on the verbal.  Boy I celebrated.)
Worst college memory: Breaking up with a friend of mine
Any pets? Two dogs
Ever had surgery? yep.  No gallbladder...
Did you play sports in high school/college? Judo, a little bit in HS.  Nada in college.  But I tutored the men's basketball team and the woman's volleyball team...Does that count?
Are you still dating your HS sweetheart? Lord, no.
Ever been married? Yes  Happily am now.
Any kids? partially raised 2 nieces, took care of a friend's son the year after her death and raised 2 stepsons.
What color are your nails right now? natural, as always.
Do you have Godparents? yep, but I lost track of them.
Are you a Godparent?nope
Ever done any illegal drugs?I was a child of the early 70s.  Enough said.
Any body piercings? the basic ear piercings.
Tattoos? A small 5 pointed star on my left ankle that I did to myself when I was 18.
Body type. Round.
Parents still alive and married (to each other)? Mom passed away, but parents were still married at that time.
Biggest regret? At this time, I don't know.  Burning a few bridges I wish I hadn't.
Favorite celebrity?  I don't think I really have one.
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