knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

So there I was....

Happily typing away at my next IK fluff piece, alternating with playing with photos, and  hubby says, "Why don't we go over to the Sierra Outfitter's outlet store.

So we did.  And I came home with wooly long johns and a Tilley hat, and a Filson Turkey hunter's vest (which includes a foam pad you wear on your back, so if you want to sit down on the ground you have a seat built in and it has hunter orange on the shoulders, so to help one crazy old fat lady photographer  not get shot by the fact she often wears camo in the outback, and a pretty red sweater by Beretta.  Hubby ended up getting me more stuff than he got.  LOL. 

And then I get home, and called  my dr's office, and although the doc hasn't formally announced everything, it looks like my CT scan and bloodwork all came back in normal ranges, so no pancreatitis, just the normal bad boy chronic issue, which makes me happy.  Yay!

A good day.  Maybe I'll finish my story before midnight....LOL...
Tags: rl
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