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So today....

I was gonna really really finish the next chapter of YT, but then something unusual happened....the sun came out!  First brilliantly sunny day I've seen since I went up and trudged through the snow in the mountains...a cause for celebration!

So hubby and I went out, I with my camera, he with his shotgun, to a place in the sagebrush maybe 15 miles from here along a tiny stream called  Black's Creek.  There's a hill there that reminds me of Watership Down, a place with rabbit tracks everywhere.  Saw some what I think are coyote tracks, maybe a fox track, some sort of small critter, possibly a mouse's trail, and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of rabbit tracks and rabbit holes and the occasional quail track.  So we hiked around, crossed the frozen and very low stream two or three times, and I took lots of pics, but hubby must have told the rabbits he was coming, not a one showed its head.  LOL.

It was a good time.

But now my knees are achy.  I definitely have been sitting on my butt too much.

Maybe now I can get back to YT....I did get some of it.
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