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Drabble: Home Again, Home Again

This story follows "Shopping List."  The funny thing about this story is I dreamed it last night.  I didn't dream the action; I dreamt the text.  I never dreamed one of my stories in text form before.  That is a weird way to write a first draft.  I blame the Sudafed.  But because I actually remembered dreaming it, and pretty much what the text said, I decided to write a version of it and post it.  It's a little smexier than my usual IK fluff, but we can blame the sleep kami for that one....

Home Again, Home Again

Kagome always slept with the lamp on when her husband  was out of town.  But this night, she was too hard to rouse when he walked through the door of their house after he returned from his latest  trip.  In fact, she didn’t realize he was even there until she found the ties on her sleep robe being loosened and the cloth being pulled open.

She opened her groggy eyes to see a head of silver hair hovering over her, and a gentle set of lips delicately kissing her navel.

“InuYasha?” she said, as he trailed a fiery line of kisses up her torso, playing plenty of attention to her breasts and her neck until he found her mouth, which he devoured hungrily.   

“Kami, I’ve missed you,” he said, as he shoved her legs apart with his knees.

“Mmm, InuYasha,” she said, as he lowered himself on top of her, supporting his weight with his elbows.  “I guess this is a bad time to ask if you got the things I asked you to get.”

He lowered his face near hers until their noses were almost touching, his golden eyes gazing deeply into hers.   “Something like that,” he said.

Sleepy-eyed, but smiling she wrapped her legs around him and kissed him back.

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