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Oneshot: Shopping List

Oh, just some IK silliness

Shopping List

“Tell me again,” he said, leaning back against her chest.

It was an early evening.  They had lit the lamp against the growing shadows, but some light still made its way into the little room, fast deepening into twilight.  Kagome sat kneeling on a cushion, while InuYasha, out of his suikan and hakama, stretched out, fresh from his bath and wearing only his white kosode.  The light shone on the sculptured muscle of his legs, which for the moment were
crossed at the ankle.

“Tell you what, InuYasha?” Kagome said.  She put the comb she had been using on his hair to the side, and began to gently massage the skin around and along his two white furred dog ears.  He closed his eyes for a moment, and relaxed into her touch.

“What do you want me to get you when Miroku and I go to the market down in Odawara?” He looked up at her face, and caught the twinkle in her eyes.

“Well, you could get me some camilla oil for my hair,” she said.  “I’m nearly out.”  She continued, for the moment, working on his ears, then pushing his hair forward, found his neck and shoulders.  He shifted sitting more upright to give her more access.

“Camilla oil,” he repeated.  “That feels so good,” he said, letting his head fall forward as she continued working his neck.

“Some chimaki if you can find any,” she said.  “Or any other treats.  The kids cleaned me out of what you brought home last time.”

“Chimaki,” he repeated, his voice sounding very relaxed.

“Lay on your stomach, and I’ll rub your back for you,” she said.  He complied.  Straddling his buttocks, she leaned forward and moved his hair, so that it cascaded like two wings on either side of his head.  He rested his right cheek on his folded arms, and gave an audible sigh as she began working the area over his shoulder blades.

“Let me think.  I could use some more sewing needles, and some silk thread, especially in red and blue.  Remind me to give you a sample of what I want.”

“Needles and thread.  Treats.  Hair oil,” he muttered.

As she moved further down his back and over the edge of his rib cage, he began to relax almost to the point of falling asleep.  Kagome, smiling broadly, leaned forward, and whispered into his ears. “Oh, while you’re at it, see if they have the spices to make curry with.  I’d like to make you a nice hot curry when you come home.”

“Oil. Thread and needles.  Treats.  Curry,” he muttered.  Suddenly his eyes opened, his ears stood straight up, and he lifted himself half way up, shifting Kagome off his back. “Curry?  Oi, woman, there’s no way in hell I’m buying curry stuff!”

Giggling, as she straightened up and moved around to face him.  “Just checking to see if you were awake!” she said, and grabbing her comb, she kissed him lightly on the cheek.

As she moved to put her comb up, he grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her back to him.  “I’ll show you who’s awake,” he said.  And lifting her up, he proceeded to carry her off to bed.

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