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Drabble: His Now

A little I/K to start the day....

His Now

InuYasha returned from hunting, a small brace of rabbits in his hand.  As he walked into the clearing where their house stood, he  found Kagome leaning on her hoe at the edge of the vegetable plot, a sleeping Atae strapped to her back.  A broad hat was over her head, giving both her and her son some protection from the bright August sunlight.  She was barefoot, wearing her most stained kosode with the sleeves tied back and hitched almost to mid calf to free her legs for work,  and had her hands wrapped to protect them from blistering and getting chafed by the work she was doing.   There was a mud stain at the knee height of her robe, and a streak of dirt smeared on her cheek.  Next to her, a small pile of things that she had pulled out of the garden were testimony of her morning’s efforts.   She looked every bit the peasant housewife busy doing her work.

He tried to picture her as he saw her when she was younger, in the short skirt and the white blouse and scarf she used to wear, but it was getting harder and harder for him to visualize her that way.  What he saw before him was his wife, the woman who shared his life and his bed and his heart  instead of the girl who lived strange time in the future where there were so many things he didn’t understand and where the sounds and the scents were awful.  The dusty and busy woman before him was his now. A swell of gratitude rose up in his heart at the realization.

She looked up and saw him, and her face brightened into a happy smile. 

“You weren’t gone long,” she said. “Good hunt?”

“Yeah,” he replied, moving next to her.  “Rabbit for dinner?”

“We can do that,” she replied.  She tilted her head a bit as he continued to watch her.  “Is there something the matter?”

He pulled off her hat, tilted her face up to him.  “Was just wondering how I got such a beautiful woman to work in my garden.” 

He kissed her lightly on the nose, handed her back her hat, and went off to clean his rabbits.
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