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Oneshot: Once Upon a Summer's Night

Some I/K silliness. Takes place August 21, 1560.  There's a reason for that date...

Once Upon a Summer’s Night

Moonlight was filtering through the window.

Kagome lit the lamp and put it in its stand.  The fire in the fire pit glowed under the soup kettle, and strips of teriyaki chicken hung over the fire, cooking on their skewers.  She loosened her hair and slipped into a soft green kosode that she knew InuYasha liked on her. Rearranging the cushions one last time, she sat down near the lamp, picked up her sewing basket and began to wait.

She didn’t have to wait long. 

InuYasha entered the house, his youki strong like it got every full moon.  He fastened the door closed, then strode to his seat by the fire pit. 

“Sango and Miroku didn’t mind?” Kagome asked, while dipping up his soup. “I forgot to ask today if she wouldn’t mind watching Atae.”

“Not at all.  The girls go crazy over him, and keep them out of Sango’s hair, I think,” he said.

InuYasha gave Kagome a long, penetrating gaze as their fingers brushed together when she handed him the soup bowl.  She shivered at the intensity, but went back to her work, only sneaking glances at her husband while she finished serving his supper. She placed three skewers of meat on his plate but before she could continue, he grabbed her wrist and stayed her hand.

“Dinner can wait,” he said, pulling her closer to him.

“You’re sure?” she asked, pushing his tray aside.

“I’d rather eat you,” he said nibbling on her earlobe.

As he wrapped his arms around her, she ran her fingers along his cheek and into his hair. “Your youki feels strange,” she said.

“Who cares,” he replied, finding her neck.

Their lips met in a hot, intense kiss.  Savoring her taste, he lowered her to the floor when there was a sudden pulse of energy.  Kagome bounced slightly as he dropped her a half inch on the cushion as he shot up.

“InuYasha – ”she said sitting up, rubbing the back of her head.  “What . . . what  happened to you?”

“Damn it to hell!” he said.  A dark haired, very human man squatted before her, his face covered by two hands tipped with human fingernails. 

She rushed over him, fast entering panic mode.  “Did...did I do something to you?” she asked, her voice trembling.

“Eclipse,” he muttered.  “Bad enough I gotta go through this once a month.  Go through it every lunar eclipse until the moon’s back out.”

Kagome sighed, pulled his hands away from his face, and kissed him softly.  “But at least it’s not all night,” she said.

He sighed.  “Keh,” he said, leaning his head against her shoulder.  “I’m sorry I jumped up.  I just didn’t expect it.”

She ran her fingers through his midnight hair, and then reached over for his tray, and pulled it close.  She  handed him a skewer of chicken.  “Might as well eat dinner now.  I suspect, when your youki returns, you’ll have other things on your mind.” She took a skewer for herself.  “At least, I hope so.”

He looked up at her, his violet eyes glinting in the light, and even with his fangless teeth, he managed to smile quite wickedly. 

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