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Must post once in awhile...

Just realized I haven't really been staying that much in touch with people via this journal...

Well, the FA Awards are done for the December 2008 quarter. Thanks to everybody who contributed, nominators, awards artists, people who had patience with us, and congratulations to all the artists and writers who won this time around. If you are interested in being more involved with the FA, you might want to drop a line to inuyashaloverr and tell her about it.

Let's see. I've gone bonkers at playing with Photoshop Elements, and if you're curious, all my photography work (much more than I remember to post here) is at my dA site,

A few of the photos were actually taken by my husband, but I edited and tweaked them myself...he encourages me to this; he just doesn't want to get involved much more with the photo-editing himself.  I've had 3 photos featured by various people on dA, which made me feel kind of good...

Everybody must know I love InuYasha, both Inu and the canon setting, but jojo_kun  has turned me onto Kanda from D.Gray Man, and Pink wants me to write wicked, wicked crackfics about him.  Kanda is such a stuck-up prig that my dark side wants to imagine what would happen if Jojo-kun had the power and the opportunity...LOL...Must be the dark muse in my background teaming up with Snark.  Ruthvan and Snark, a horror-story vampire and a smirky Irish Kitsune tag-teaming is something I'm not really sure if I'm ready to handle...LOL.  I can hear Pink and Black giggling in the background.  I may be in trouble.

I was watching the story about the plane crash in the Hudson today, and the pilot needs to be given all sorts of heros awards for landing that bird in the river successfully.  A truly amazing almost disaster.

Oh, I'm rewriting EIMH totally from chapter 1.  I won't post it anywhere but dA, which I use as an archive backup, until it's complete.  So don't expect to see updates of it anywhere until I'm ready to repost it.  Next chapter of YT is partially written, and I am not sure when the next chapter of ATE will be done; I've had part of it written for a long time, but it's just sitting there.  The oneshots continue.  I am plotting what to do with Fox Tales...

Beyond that, my life is quiet and calm, and boring to an outsider...pretty much the way I like it.  I did get some snowshoes though.  I suspect I will head to the mountains the next sunny day and try them out.

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