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Drabble: Making It Better

Oh, just some IK fluff....just because. 

Making It Better

InuYasha’s  hands fascinated Kagome, although she talked about it, but when she had a reason, she would look at them, run her fingers along the palm, examine how each long graceful digit was shaped, study how each fingernail bed grew into a claw.

But this was not a moment where she was looking at his hands for the pleasure of it.

She rested his right hand gently in the palm of her left. It was obvious from looking at the back of his hand that it was a fighter’s hand, the knuckles thick and calloused through use. Turning it over,  she examined the long fingers and strong palm, hands that had protected and soothed her and saved her time after time.  This time, they were reddened and blistered.  Sighing at the damage, she dipped a clean cloth into a bowl of cool water, and washed where the skin of his fingers and palm had gotten burned.

“You don’t need to do this, Koibito.  It’ll be healed before sundown,” he said, gently, resting his head on her forehead as she worked.

She didn’t meet his eyes, but dipped the cloth back into the water, squeezed it just enough so it wasn’t dripping badly, and folded it, then placed it gently over the burns.  “I want to do this.  It’s my fault you got burned.”

“Feh,” he said.  “No, it wasn’t.  It was my fault for sneaking up behind you when you have a kettle of hot water in your hands.  I shouldn’t have been standing so close.”

“But I hurt you,” she said, still not ready to meet his eyes.

He took his other hand, and lifted her chin up.  His amber eyes studied her blue-gray ones. “You didn’t do it on purpose, did you?”

“Of course not!” she replied.

“Well then,” he said with a small grin.  “You can practice that healing thing you do with the kids, kiss and make it better.”  He brushed his lips gently across hers.

She smiled up at him, the first smile she had since he had gotten burned with the kettle.  “Uh, InuYasha, I’m supposed to kiss where you got hurt.”

“I don’t think so,” he replied.  “This way’s better.”  And he kissed her again.

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