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Poem: 7 Tanka of InuYasha Characters

I did these as responses to a meme, and  I like how they turned out. (Tanka is a Japanese-style poem of 5 lines with 5/7/5/7/7 syllables, a really neat verse form that I use a lot.)


Midoriko, whose sad adventures started the Shikon no Tama on its way.

Fate and her duty
wrapped around her like a chain -
a hard choice to make.
Binding what evil she could,
her heart plunged into twilight.


Sesshoumaru's Mother

She pondered, sometimes,
in her castle in the air
how karma plays out,
and how the gold of his eyes
once glinted in the sunshine.



His eyes alone warmed
as he stood there in the light,
silver hair stirring
in the warm breeze of summer.
He watched Rin picking flowers.



He knew fear's dark taste
but tried to hide it away
with women, laughing --
but she made him realize
there was hope beyond the fear.



Once again he walks,
so bemused and bewildered
at how love escapes--
Girls giggle behind his back
as he dreams of Kagome.


InuYasha  (I did two of these, both which take place after the close of the manga)


In the dark, sometimes
it would all come crashing in,
loss and love and pain --
when he whimpered in his sleep,
his miko would pet his ear.


He watched his children
playing in the evening light
wondering what-ifs,
how the bitter came crashing
hard before he tasted sweet.
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