knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Ganked and modified

grabbed a meme from paynesgrey , although I'm modifying it.

This is the original meme:

The first five people to comment to this post get to request a sketch of a character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their artistic/writing ability. If you absolutely can't draw, you can offer drabbles or icons or something instead.

Well, since I'm not ready to let anybody see any sketches of characters from me, I will offer to do a tanka poem. What is a tanka you ask? It is a five line poem made up of 5/7/5/7/7 syllables. Here is an example:

I met you walking
down yesterday’s tomorrow,
winter giving way --
spring bloomed as you walked that road,
an unexpected surprise.

But you know me, friends.  If it's a subject that'd squick me, I probably won't be able to write about it!

1.  furousha  - Hojo  (done!)
2.  kmoaton  - Miroku (done!)
3: magedelbene  - Sesshoumaru (done)
4. landofthekwt  - Sesshmom (done)
5. salomesensei  - InuYasha angsty/insightful (done)

Tags: meme

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