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Oneshot: One Spring Full Moon

Takes place in 1563 in my post manga universe, 6 years after Kagome's return.  Definitely I/K

One Spring Full Moon

They were walking outside of their house, a fine spring evening, watching the moon slowly  rise overhead.   It was brighter than usual, large and full of the promise of the change of the season, making the night brighter than normal.  InuYasha stopped for a moment, took a deep breath and let it out slowly.  Kagome turned and looked at her husband.

The moonlight touched InuYasha’s hair, giving it a spectral, otherworldly appearance, highlighting it where it touched, accenting the shadow where it wrapped him.  His eyes, meeting hers, were caught in the moonlight and glowed.

Breaking her gaze, she closed her eyes and  leaned back against a small tree, felt its bark rough against her back. He moved in front of her, looking down at her.  Something about his presence was larger, more demanding.  She could feel his breath, warm in the cool air.   She shivered, not from the cold.

Kagome looked back up at him, and reached up a hand, wrapping a curl of hair around her finger.“Your youki is very strong tonight,” she said.

 “When the moon’s like this – ” he said.   He took her hand in his much larger hand.  She released his hair, and intertwined her fingers in his.

She smiled, a teasing, inviting smile, feeling the effect of his youki pressing against her own aura.  It wrapped around her like a warm blanket, seducing, possessive, teasing out her own energy, demanding a response. “Is this why you sent Atae to Miroku’s tonight?”

“I noticed how bright it was when it rose yesterday,” he said.  His eyes simmered, burning into her.    “It reminded me of when we made Atae.”

“Ah,” she said, tilting her neck to the side.

He growled, not an intimidating sound, but one which was pleased by the flash of her white neck.  “You smell good, woman, like a ripe peach.  It makes me want to eat you up.”  His lips brushed against the exposed skin.  “You taste as good to me as you did that night.”

She could feel the magic surrounding her, building up into something that demanded an outlet.  “Is it time for Atae to become a brother?” she whispered, running a fingertip gently along his ear.

“Only if you say yes,” he whispered, closing his eyes and leaning his head into her touch.  “Only if you say yes while the magic is here and strong.”

His arms surrounded her as he pulled her close, pressing his lean body hard against hers.  “Tell me yes or tell me to run into the night and stay away until morning.  The moonlight is too strong for me to not do one or the other.”

Kagome’s lips brushed softly against his.  “Yes,” she breathed.

With a loud sound, somewhere between a growl and a moan, he picked her up bridal style and carried her into the house.
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