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Poem: Once Upon a Midnight

I didn't name names, but I bet you know who I was thinking about when I wrote it....

Once Upon a Midnight

He woke up as the moon rose,
as the  sweet smell of her skin,
a sultry musk in the midnight heat,
filled his senses as she lay there,
stretched out next to him,
soft and pliant.

Resting his cheek against her shoulder,
he watched and listened
to the rise and fall of each breath,
how the moonlight filtered through the window,
marking her skin
with white pearl and velvet shadow,
tempting his fingers to reach out and touch,
to trace the light’s contours.

He had no urge to resist.

Softly, softly,
his exploring fingers brushed her skin,
lightly shifted across her hip,
past the curve of her waist,
brushing over the peak of a warm white breast.

Murmuring lightly,
she rolled over, facing him.

Lips met gently,
questioning and answering as his eyes closed --
the touch of her mouth revealed
hidden eagerness
sleepy-headed, but willing.

Gentle but firm
her exploring fingers
shifted over his back
cupped the lean muscle of his bottom,
danced across his thigh.

“Now what,” he murmured,
his warm breath teasing her ear.
“Time to finish what you started,”
she said with a smile,
and drew him in for another kiss.
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