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Poem: Once and Now

Yay!  Maybe the muses are trickling in from their vacation....fluff trickling in...

Once and Now

Once, when he first met her,
all he had were the clothes on his back,
and an attitude,
and the sure knowledge
that life was out to get him.

Once, with a lot of effort,
she taught him differently.

as he sits in the father's seat
beside the fire,
and she sits in the mother's,
holding her ladle like a sword
managing the children,
he wonders how it happened,
how did once turn into today,
he the outcast,
she someone who should have known better,
become this.

Her eyes meet his
as she hands him his soup.
He smiles,
and her eyes answer.
In gratitude he sighs,

Stubborn women,
he has learned,
are good to find.
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