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Poem: Cold Season Song

Not sure where this came from, but I have a tune in my head I can't quite place, and the words wrapped around it.  It's written very simply, but I like how it turned out.  Your mileage may vary.

Cold Season Song

She walked along the water,
she walked down by the sea,
a quiet lonely woman
and deep in pain was she.

She listened to the seabirds
who told her tales of woe,
she listened to the wind's song
which only told her no.

She watched the churning water
green and cold and deep,
she thought of what she wanted,
she thought of winter sleep.

The water offered answers
but not the road to walk,
the sunlight kissed her cheek then,
warming in its talk.

"Some friends are you," she whispered,
"to tell me this and that,"
and turning back the way she came
she went back to her flat.
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