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Let Me

Just a little IK fluff....

Let Me

"Let me," he asked,
taking the comb from her small, fine hand,
and sitting himself behind her,
began to work the smooth wooden comb
through her midnight tresses.

He did not tell her
how he treasured the touch of her hair,
how it would slide through his fingers,
how her letting him this close
how her trusting his touch
meant more than he could say.

She was surprised sometimes,
how sure and delicate his touch was,
how his hands,
so large, so strong,
so good at keeping her safe
and all dark things away,
could work through her hair
with such gentle sureness.

She shivered at his closeness,
the touch of his warm breath
as he handed her back the comb,
and leaned into his touch,
knowing she was cherished.

He wrapped his arms around her,
drawing her close to his heart,
warm and content
knowing he was loved.

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