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Drabble: The Water Sprite

What? KK did Miroku/Sango fluff?  Yes she did.

The Water Sprite

She walked down to the water’s edge, past the willows that lined the back until she found the opening that led to the cool water below.  The night was hot and still, and no trees swayed beneath the rising moon.

Slowly, she eased out of her robes, the cloth sticky and damp in the hot evening, and once free of them, carefully stepped into the stream.  She knew this location well, and even in the dim light, she had no trouble walking to the rock that she would sit on to bathe in when the light was brighter.

Once settled, she reached over and captured a double handful of water, brought it to her throat, and let it drip down, in a slow and steady stream.  In the moonlight, the water caught an opalescent gleam as it trailed down her torso until it disappeared into the dark shadows of the water that surrounded her waist.

She sighed in contentment.  Suddenly though, she heard a twig snap, and she ducked to cover herself in the water.

“Beneath the bright moon,” said a rich male voice.
“I glimpsed a water sprite play –
Will she play for me?
If I offer her a plum,
will she let me watch her splash?”

“Miroku!” she exclaimed.  “Don’t scare me that way!”  She looked up to see the white clad form of her husband looking down at her, chuckling softly. She sat up, the water dripping down her body in rivulets that caught her husband’s attention.

“Sango, my dearest, you shouldn’t try to sneak out of the house this late,” her husband said.  Even in the dark, the smile on his face and the twinkle in his eye was visible in the moonlight.  “It always wakes me up no matter how quiet you try to be.”  He tossed something her way.  She caught it – it was a ripe plum.  She loved plums and he knew it.

“If I give you a plum, will you let me watch you, O Water Sprite?” he asked, sitting down cross legged at the edge of the water.

“No,” she said.

“No?” he asked, sounding saddened as she shook her head.

“No, but I might let him join me if he wants,” she replied.

The smile came back to his lips, and he reached for his obi.  “He wants.  O yes, I can assure you.”

“But I’m not sharing my plum,” she warned.

“I’m interesting in a different type of treat,” he said in a husky voice as he dropped his robe and stepped into the water.

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