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Poem: Lazy Afternoon

Ok, outside it's cold, with blowing snow.  This bit of IK fluff is just me escaping.

Lazy Afternoon

The afternoon sun
fell warm and golden
across the floor in the room,
brushing against the futon,
and across the two bodies curled up together,
caught up in their own afterglow
every bit as warm as the sunlight,
stretched out,
at peace,

Propped up on one elbow,
he watched her with amber eyes
as she stretched out beside him,
her hip pressing lightly against his thigh,
her eyes half-closed,
a sleepy half-grin on her lips.

Turning her head,
she smiled at him,
lifted her small, soft hand,
traced the line of his lips,
admired how the sun lit up
his silver hair,
touched his nose,
lit his cheeks.

He reached over,
kissed her lightly
on one cheek,
and then the other,
delicately dragging his lips
over the warm satin of her mouth.

“Maybe we should get up,”
he suggested.
“Maybe we should just stay here,”
she replied,
tugging the sheet over them.

As she cuddled closer, he whispered,
“Maybe that’s not a bad idea,”
and wrapped up by her scent and touch,
he, as well as she, drifted off to sleep.

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