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Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha. It is owned by Rumiko Takahashi.

Rin, Rin, enjoy the sun
And flowers in the field
While Jaken complains and watches you run
And your heart is pleased to yield
To Sesshoumaru-sama

Rin, Rin, enjoy the days
Of childhoods laughter free
For soon you will be walking different ways
And your heart may ache to see
Your Sesshoumaru-sama

Rin, Rin, enjoy the peace
When your master watches you,
For when your childhood days will cease
What will your master do,
O Sesshoumaru-sama!

When the bud breaks out in flower,
and your childhood's at an end,
Will he find your needs now sour
Dislike your scent upon the wind,
And bid you leave your Sesshoumaru-Sama?

The human ways of womankind
of husband, home and child,
Will any train you, help you find
that grace, or leave you wild
with Youkai Sesshoumaru-sama?

Rin, Rin, enjoy the peace
Of childhood, fleeting, gone,
And when childhood's joys do cease
Remember these days long,
When you walked with Sesshoumaru-Sama.
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