knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Poem: Goodnight Kiss (and a BD Wish!)

Some I/K Fluff, and while I'm at it, let me say

Happy BD, bluezinthos !

Goodnight Kiss

Like smoke,
hazy in the dim light,
her eyes watched him,
longing, but silent.

He reached over,
and kissed each heavy lid,
with a whisper-like brush
of satin lip,
each kiss a promise.

Slowly he moved,
she felt his breath,
ghosting, soft and warm,
across her cheeks,
her forehead,
the tip of her nose.

Softly, then,
she felt it
as his lips brushed against hers,
gently greeting,
sliding across her own
almost hesitantly,
until sure of his welcome.

She arched up
as her lips responded
meeting his touch,
gliding over his,
parting slightly
in warm greeting.

His claw tipped fingers
gently slid through her hair
cupping her head,
as her hand threaded through
his silver locks.

Slowly, reluctantly, he pulled back,
with a quick kiss to her chin.
“Time for bed,” he said,
then pulled the covers over them.

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