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Life is strange....

So I finally hooked up my dvd to my fairly new TV, and starting last night I went from never watching anything hardly to a movie junkie.  I watched Grendal and Beowulf  (not the Beowulf version they did not long ago with Angelina Jolie), the live action version of Death Note, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Kagemusha,  Hook,  Eragon, and tried to watch  A Knight's Tale, but found the modern music just too anachronistic, and I'll have to try that another time.

It's been years since I've done something like that...Now that's something different, for sure.

Of course, I got zilch written today.  And I'm getting the strongest urge to write something Arthurian.  Wow.  Major change in where my head is at....maybe I should cast a progressed horoscope or something and see what's changed....
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