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Drabble: Afternoon Diversion

little I/K piece.

Afternoon Diversion

"Kaze no Kizu!"   InuYasha yelled, his amber eyes narrowed with killing intensity as he slammed the sword down, releasing his attack.

The oni, red-faced, dressed in striped tiger skin, with huge bull horns bulging out of his head, grew wide-eyed as he heard the roar and saw the five streams of energy  heading toward him.  In some odd desire to do something, he threw his club in InuYasha's direction, and the hanyou found himself knocked backwards and down a small ridge.

Almost simultaneously the youkai was devoured in a flash of bright light, and Kagome screamed. Dashing in a streak of red and white clothing and black flowing hair  for the place she last saw InuYasha, she reached the edge of the rock and  saw him lying  on his back on the ground not far below.  He was sprawled out on the ground, very still.

"InuYasha!" she screamed, but he didn't move.

Carefully, she picked her way down the short drop and ran to where he was laying.  As she neared,  she saw him take a deep shuddering breath and heard him moan loudly.  By the time she reached his side, his eyes were blinking open.

"Damn, what hit me?" he muttered, trying to sit up.  Getting up, he held his head in his hands. “My head feels like I ran into a wall.”

"An oni's club," Kagome said, wrapping her arms around him, looking for breaks or wounds.  He had a bruise on his forehead, and more on his shoulder, she suspected, from the way he winced, and there was a tear in his fire rat, but other than that, she thought him uninjured.

He caught her wrist with one hand, and lifted her chin with the others.  "Why the tears, Kobito?  I've been hurt a lot worse."

"When I looked over the edge, all I could see was you unmoving.  You didn't answer when I called," she said, wiping her eyes with the edge of her sleeve. “I was scared.  And then I got down here, and saw you breath and wake up."  She smiled wryly.  "Sad and happy tears, all in the same time."

"Baka," he said, wrapping his arms around her.  He gave her a long, tender kiss.  "You think I'm gonna let a dumb oni mess with our time alone?"

"Baka," she said, shoving playfully at his chest.  "Then next time, maybe, watch where you're standing before  you attack."

"You might be right about that," he said, then kissed her once more just because.

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